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Want to Hire a Resource

Want a resource but not sure where to begin? With Staffley, you can skip the hassle of searching, refining and recruiting resources while saving your valuable time and energy to focus on your company’s core objectives!

Communicating with Staffley

Talk to us and we’ll make sure to bring you a resource that fits your exact needs. Just let us know the details of the resource you want to work with and we will prepare a precise job description as per your needs and hire the resource.

Start Working Instantly

Once your resource is hired, we will walk you through our cloud platforms and you can instantly start working with your resource. No matter what the time zone. Staffley cares for your valuable time. Sign Up now.

How Offshoring Reduces Cost

We provide the infrastructure. No HR, maintenance or hardware required. Basically, there will be no overheads. As we will be providing everything, you will not have to pay for an office space, desk, computer or other overheads for every offshore virtual resource that you employ. Our consultants are always available to help you with reducing costs in many ways.

Office Space

An offshore resource works from our office remotely for you. We provide the desk space and facilities. Your fixed costs will stay low as you will not need to move to bigger offices as your business expands.


You often have to provide a desk space for new resources as well as provide the infrastructure for them to work with. A computer, stationary, work tools etc. With your offshore resource, we provide everything.

Reduction in Salary

Virtual resources from Staffley will cost you much less than your local resource as the salaries here are much more reasonable. This doesn't mean your offshore resource is underpaid, the salary requirements are the market rates within their country, so all is fair.

Insurances and Taxes

We will take care of everything. You will not have to worry for insurances and taxes related to having an offshore resource.

Matching Your Timezone
The resource will be available during your local working hours. Your offshore resource will work according to your time zones at the usual 9 am to 5 pm five days a week.
Seamless Communication
Our cloud based softwares ensure seamless communication between you and your resource as those softwares and tools can distribute tasks and you can receive timely updates.

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