Gain the benefit of working with experienced recruiters and talented people. Here at Staffley, what we do to find incredible talent is referrals, social networking and company events etc. Rest assured, we will take the time to understand your needs and how your business operates. Our goal is to find hires that will help you achieve your key business objectives.

Fully Equipped Resources

Here at Staffley, you can expect resources to be fully equipped. Including the following:
  • Proper working desk
  • Their own laptop
  • Commonly used softwares
  • Peripherals such as webcam, headset etc
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Power backup
There are jobs you can transfer to offshore resources and save up to 50% on your HR and related costs. Book a meeting with us today to help you understand the process, reduce your cost and multiply your profit.
Minimal Setup Costs
Very small initial cost for setting up with your offshore resource as compared to the costs of keeping a resource at the office. This cost will cover for everything. The cloud based softwares as well as devices ensuring the best experience for you.
Ensuring Productivity
Our management team ensures your offshore virtual resource is always up and running. Our local management team supervises your resources, ensuring they arrive at work on time, continue to work productively, do not abuse break allowances, overcoming unforeseen disruptions such as computer crashes, connection loss etc.
Resources Work Real Time With You
The employees will work according to your work hours no matter the time zone. Ensuring offshore virtual resources who are effectively available 24hours for your business.
We train our virtual resources, nurture their skills and develop them further. We will carefully select and hire the best suitable candidate from the local job market.
There are long-term contracts to enhance both employee retention and client security. These contracts provide stability, fostering loyalty and commitment among offshore staff. For clients, long-term contracts ensure consistent access to skilled resources and build trust over time.
Reduction of Costs
We provide the infrastructure. No HR, maintenance or hardware required. Basically, there will be no overheads. We will be providing everything which means you will not have to pay for a desk, office space, computer or other overheads.

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