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Staffley rates are in which currency?

Our rates are in your currency depending on where you are based.

How is quality measured at Staffley?

We use cloud based softwares to measure employee performance and maintain quality of work. We offer a six-month trial. During this time, if you feel the employee is not up to the mark, we have a policy in place for this.

Will I get the chance to interview the employee before he or she is assigned to me?

After completing the initial selection process, Staffley will provide you with 2 to 3 qualified potential candidates that you would get to interview and ultimately choose the candidate that best suits your criteria for hiring.

How soon can an employee start?

An employee can start as early as two weeks or maximum up to 4 weeks.

What kind of IT infrastructure and setup is present at Staffley?

We equip our employees with state-of-the-art tech and also cater for any specialised requirements you may have.  

How many holidays is my offshore resource entitled to?

Your offshore resource is entitled to holidays as per your location. Other than that when we sign a contract, the detailed policy is shared and agreed upon. If an employee wants to apply for a holiday, prior approval will be required.

Will my signatures be needed on any document/ contract?

Yes the main contract for an offshore resource will need to be signed. Nothing else. All the major policies will be mentioned on the contract.

What is the mechanism of offshoring jobs?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. We at Staffley will hunt your resource, according to your requirements. There will be an on-boarding process. A minimum of 15 days training will be required for on-boarding. After which you will communicate with the resource via our cloud based systems.

What are the staff working hours?

The resource will be available during your local working hours. Your offshore resource will work according to your time zones (the usual 9AM to 5PM), five days a week.

Will we provide breaks to offshore resources?

There is a one-hour break policy, the details of which will be discussed while formulating the contract.

What is your payment policy and procedure?

Staffley will invoice you on the fourth last working day of the month. You can then transfer the funds within two working days.

Will I get a dedicated employee or will he or she be undertaking any other work?

Yes, your resource will be dedicated and will be available during your local working hours and we will ensure efficiency and quality through our cloud based systems.

How do salary increments work?

Increments are yearly, as per the contract after due appraisals.

Are there other supervisors in place to monitor the work of the resource?

Our managers keep the quality in check. If you face any issue to report, you can inform the manager in place, we will be more than happy to assist. Your resource is our responsibility.

Am I entitled to increase my offshore resource’s salary?

If you wish to reward your offshore resource in some form, you may contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Does Staffley ensure the safety of our data and information?

We are one hundred percent GDPR compliant and data integrity is our key protocol. For this reason, we use market leading secure cloud based systems to ensure data integrity.

What if I’m not satisfied with the resource I hire?

A manager will be assigned to you. If you face any issue, you can report it immediately. The matter will be discussed and quick action will be taken. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Do you offer full time resources only or part time as well?

Yes we offer part time employees as well. The full time resources work 8 hours a day whereas, part time resources work 5 hours a day.

Will I have to pay overtime for additional hours?

If you require additional hours for working with a resource, mention this at the time of contract and the rate for overtime will be decided while finalising the terms and conditions.

Will my offshore resource be fluent in English?

The resources we provide are well trained and proficient in the English language to ensure smooth communication and quality management.

Will I have to pay tax, insurance and other costs for hiring an offshore resource?

You will not have to pay tax, insurance or any other costs as the hiring will be done by Staffley and you will only be availing an offshore service which includes a resource and management/ technical support.

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